Friday, March 19, 2010

Urban Doctors actually told me you'll never fight

Now I have decided I will never fight  because its not my  ethics

My friend said to me never ever fight in class, if u will then u will be lose your good reputation in class…but unfortunately i want to sit in KidsFighting3[1] class in 2nd row  because I like to study in 2nd row, on other side  my enemy also sit with me….My all class mate call him rothu rothu when he sita in class and I also called those words...Sitting beside me,... he felt angry while my  so he slapped me on the back of  my head ….At time I was trying to cool down albeit with an angry face …. Sohiab talked to ladooo Why are You doing this, have any problem?? …when sohiab was talking , ladoo wanted to fight with me …..After that I said its enough I starting to fight. …The fight was just of to few seconds, then our  "Chairman  came in class and said what’s going in your class ???"

"I just want two names? ???how was involve in this case class mates did not tell any thing … If you do not want to tell me the name then I ill suspend all of boys class for one  week" …..

Next me and my class mates all went to meet our class adviser to tell the situation what had happened!!

After 1 hour our class adviser us….he said chairman is calling those who were involve  in all of this matter then Our chairman said to both of us You are in third year …this is time for making groups and  You are doing fighting what was happened ??okay understand……… .

and sir will watch he then added to see in this kind of activities then I will suspend you

At this moment i felt I missed my respect in my department and all of faculties members This was so disgusting


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

one of the my worst day of university

it have made my daily  routine i fight my class friend for the sack of site and today my friend (ladoo)he is always trying to disturb  me in class all the time and send message to some one who is sitting on his right side and bangs class….today in the class of soil mechanics our class mate putted his back on the ground after that he came and said to arif please leave my site how you site on my site …arif  replayed hey what is happens have any problem if i am sitting here then he site another place after that he abusing me in the duration of class and bear all that things what he said and after class he wants  to fight with me but i don't like to fight in like education place and i bear  all things when he pushed me and my self  phone  putted down on my hand after that i was very angry and said i moved your bag what you want to do do it i moved your bag …..arif is saying me do not fight in the class and i want to kick but i cool down and leave it ..he also  try to fight with G6 and said why you people

are came in this matter and he was abusing all the person who had to spotted all this matter…..

at the we all leaved  this guy…because of his childless 

Monday, March 15, 2010

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