Thursday, April 1, 2010


We  friend’s has decided we will go for picnic at French  beach on 26602_10150155068320187_678430186_11735235_3244805_nMonday .then my friend had started to collecting  money for picnic .

Each person just will pay 200 rupees .And i feel its very cheep.After 1 day friend has decided each person ill pay 100 rupees more because we have just only 25 students .

On Monday i got up 7:30 A.M  That was i got up very early in this year .Then i called umair and said i am coming  you put down on flat then I reached his home just 10 mints .And waiting for umair .umair came down at his flat 8:00 A.M then i started bike and said sit he  replayed me you don't no double riding is not allow i said its okay you sit it.23574_1422674687119_1240265939_1264378_6380092_n

Then we were reched at johar around about.and waiting for Airf .And Rao was also calling me and he was saying .Are u coming i said wait.  We will reach at 5 mints  then arif has come on his Altus his brother was also going for interview .Then i called rao and said hey Dude in arif car is space is not available could u not come at Bus .he said okay i talk to NTG.

Then we are reached at near UBL sports complex .There our friend were waiting us .And we were going our class mates are understood we are going French beach Alsa the French beach hurt is not booked

Then we friends had decided we will go cap mount .And never will tell this .when we all friends were going on bus then every one asking me ..what about French beach is it confirm ? And i replayed I am calling but he is not giving response of call then my friend’s were

abusing  me.


Then NTG said who want to go i have taken money as you wish …. Then we had go cap mount where had a lots of enjoy  and fun that was one of the our great picnic in T.E i never forget these days.


Then after we were come back to our destination after that when we had reach at near UBL sports complex .Then me and arif and umair  had decided we go on AOTO so, we had drop umair at his home then airf is drop at my place there i said to arif i could drop you on bike.

When we were going to arif home and arif is also sited wit me

suddenly police had stop us in the back of dark street .i shocked and arif is also shocked then police is said You don't no two sitter is not allow how you both are travelling .let go police station sit with us on bike then i replayed just a mint i want to call some one and he is said stop stop give your and switch of your mobile

And said lets us talk have about money how money both you have arif said i have only 30 rupees and i have 500 rupees Okay

Then i gave 500 rupees to police.After that i asked his SHO name then they have decided to return  my money .then i take my breath clearly ..

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