Saturday, May 29, 2010

Enjoyed so much had wonderful picnic

That was our 2nd picnic of 3rd year,and we guys enjoyed so much in dream world the all picnic was arranged and other words organized by sohaib zafar in he was only guy in class how want to get together with whole class mattes , but unfortunatelly some mates did not want to come on picnic due to some reason especially Arif he was only person in our class he have value i think he is most demandable person in our class .

HUH…. But and of the last day i have decided to go on picnic i thought  might be it would last picnic of 3rd year ,that i should go with my class mates on picnic .

On the day of picnic i got up usually my daily routine time and go to university ,when i was riding bike in university suddenly i saw my soil teacher had came in university ,in new face he had fly his cricket bat


and asked me  ,where is all people then i replied sir here nobody has came .

When we had reached at dream world ,i felt here weather its to hot,then i expected we wouldn't  be enjoyed as much we wont .but after few hours we mates enjoyed so much as we wont .

We class mates was enjoying on dance in dance floor suddenly shahbaz had slap   down on the floor he injured ,that was time is disgusting and tension time  because we felt he had breathing his last one

Then our class mate went to hospital with shahbaz on ambulance ,on that time our all class mates were so worry about shahbaz condition because nearest hospital where shahbaz went they gave answer. we could handle this person we were so


much in tension that time .

By the grace of God we got a good news shahbaz is fine …Hoo thank God

After heard good news we had enjoyed all things which had provide us like bowling,mechanical bull,boating,indoors games,cricket

At that of last hour of our picnic we played a cricket match with our teachers ,that was a memorable time we had with our teachers i cant forget that time  , we  all friends enjoyed so much as we expected that ,that was wonderful picnic we had with our friends.

Up  to all extend picnic had awesome,i will never forget these memorable days my life. 

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