Sunday, June 13, 2010


After continues five months study we people should have some relax  and chill out and go to some where but unfortunately  we people must have to do internship this year in summer vacation because this minority  we must have to do internship

Not forget people this internship will give us now exposure in future but if we will do some relax want to chill out over self then we will have problem in after pass over graduation  because if your same class mate have experience as much your and he know very well about filed work then he will not have problem to get job at many expects , i perceive that up to all extend internship is  very necessary.

Now in our university his also ranged  internship program whether you want to apply from university or self base.

In our class many of students in other words one third year urban&civil of students were applying for self base on NESPAK.And some students how did not have any contacts they were trying to apply in university internship.

i perceive that if you have chance to get internship at self base you must have to avail that.In this context  you can go any very i mean to say that any good firm where you feel  like to do internship

As far as my knowledge concerned  internship is part which you must have to apply and you must have try learn new things might it would be helpful to in future

Now lets talk about my self .By the grace of God i have opportunity to apply in any firm where i want that’s why i had not apply in my university internship

I applied in EA engineering associates where my few friends also had applied this is design  firm where i think we will get some enormous knowledge about design and how to use designing software and my many friends are doing internship in NLC .

I think this internship will give us some ample knowledge would be it will be benefit for both theoretical background and many things.

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