Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life Is Difficult To Handle All My study

I am to worried about my study i want to get top ten position in my class.But is quite difficult but it could be possible ,if I focus on just study Insallah ‘’I will get my goal”

I desperately need for this position for that I must leave to my family friends because they do’ about our study they just want fun all time and also want that we guys also joint his party.

If we will not join, Then they thought I m made proudly stupid thinking I hate such kind of people.

Insallah today night will my last night to focus on others I will try to just focus on my study because my exam also coming on my neck

I must have to sincere about my study because my 3rd of engineer is very much difficult

I  am to much worried just for this fact I should have to focus on only my study other wise  I will be in struggle circle

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