Friday, May 20, 2011

Shahid Afridi Removal:Bad,bad decision


If we have problem in car,what do we do ?Change the car or buy a new one .The same thing is happening the pakistan cricket team since last three years,the chairman PCB Ejaz Butt has been doing these kind of things.

Recently he changed the great captain this captain did many great thing for the nation,he beat new zealand  in new zealand and after long time pakistan won the series ,we played semi final in very difficult circumstances once we were facing fix spot fixing scandal ,in this condition he made unit in team and made a one unit ,recently we won the series in the west indies in their home land ground .

Shahid Afridi is the best choice for the pakistan cricket team in current circumstances ,The only reason for removal a great captain ,he is breaching the Code of Conduct of PCB or may be another .

Without given a reason for PCB Chairman Shahid Afridi was removed from captaincy ,The reason which was issued from PCB that Shahid Afridi given a bundles of statement to media against the Coach Waqar Youns that’s why we removed him from captaincy.

Finally the decision which has come from common people is that they don’t want accept this decision from PCB and they want to back in action Shahid Afiridi as captain.


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